Lyra Cao

Lyra Cao

My name is Lyra Cao and I work primarily on starspots, young stars, and rapid rotators in the intersection of theory and observation. You may read about these topics in my research, under my CV, or find me elsewhere on the web.

1. Recent (or Future) Appearances

1.1. 3/10/22: Invited Talk, Fifty Years of the Skumanich Relations @ Boulder, CO

Figure 1. Cao & Pinsonneault (2022): Starspot—Rossby relationship for the Pleiades single star sequence.

1.2. 8/11/21: Talk, SDSS @ JHU2021

1.3. 3/2/21–3/4/21: Poster, Cool Stars 20.5

Poster available on ADS+Zenodo.